From organic farms to cutting-edge ad agencies, SMART kapp products are helping people naturally collaborate better.

Real-Time Decisions

When collaboration is visual and everyone can see what’s being discussed in real-time, better decisions can be made, all on the fly. No long email threads. No confusion. Just answers.


Everything starts with what’s happening in the field. The better the communication between the people there and those in the packing plant, the less room for unwelcome surprises.

HGO’s Favorite Features

Share -Invite anyone to join a session and watch content as it unfolds in real-time in their browser.
Ease of use - SMART kapp offers the same whiteboard experience everyone is already used to, just with a new level of functionality.


Save - Snapshots can be saved and stored with the SMART kapp app or on a storage service.
Multiple Platforms - Regardless of the operating system being used, anyone can join the session.