From organic farms to cutting-edge ad agencies, SMART kapp products are helping people naturally collaborate better.

A Truly Global Team

With offices in San Francisco and London, part of the value April Six offers is a comprehensive global perspective. Thus, it’s essential that these two teams, and others spread around the globe, can collaborate in real-time, simply.

Saving Notes And Outcomes

Sharing ideas in real-time is one thing. But equally important is saving outcomes as snapshots so that photos aren’t sent back and forth. Everyone is immediately on the same page and can reference older snapshots to see how decisions were reached.

April Six’s Favorite Features

Save - Snapshots can be saved and stored with the SMART kapp app or on a storage service.
Share - Invite anyone to join a session and watch content as it unfolds in real-time in their browser.


Review - Go through the library of snapshots to refer to earlier ideas and thoughts.
Multiple Platforms - Regardless of the operating system being used, anyone can join the session.