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The display reimagined
The magical classroom
The Whiteboard Reinvented


SMART kapp® is driving real transformation in collaboration. Best of all? Our simple, intuitive digital whiteboards and displays are enabled by the same technology you use every day.

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What's the situation?

Brainstorming session? Conference call? Classroom collaboration? Drawing up a set play? Whatever it is, through SMART kapp and the SMART kapp app, the experience is modern and mobile, making for more effective meetings and collaboration sessions. We have modernized the electronic dry erase board, for easier collaboration, sharing, and creating across multiple devices.


Introducing digital whiteboards and displays intelligent enough for any idea. Whether you simply want to upgrade from dry-erase to a more modern electronic dry erase board, or experience multi-way collaboration on a high definition display, the SMART kapp family delivers.

SMART kapp

The whiteboard reinvented
Available in 42” and 84”

digital whiteboard

From its familiar felt-tip pens to its sleek surface, SMART kapp provides the same walk-up and use experience of a regular dry-erase board - but with built-in capacity to save and share content as it's created, making it the most interactive electronic dry erase board you'll ever need!

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SMART kapp iQ

 The interactive display reimagined
Available in 55” and 65”

This is nothing (and everything) like the front-of-room display as you know it. SMART kapp iQ is the only multi-way interactive display that combines traditional walk up and use simplicity of the whiteboard with the power of a front-of-room display.

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For the Classroom

Elevate collaboration in your classrooms in simple ways.

SMART kapp SMART kapp iQ

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Available on the App Store and Google Play, the SMART kapp app is free. You can upgrade the app to unlock even more incredible capabilities.

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Veronica Gonzales G-N, Global Business Development Director, NH Hotel Group


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